Barnsley Council had no clear internal communications strategy and no vision and values. Read on to find out how we created the organisation’s internal brand.

wall display proud

What was the problem?

The council had no internal brand and no vision and values. A new Chief Executive wanted to make a physical mark on the organisation and signify a new way of working; a new culture.

What did we do?

We talked to employees to find out their thoughts about what the council’s vision and values should be. Their feedback was used to create strong, meaningful values and an overarching vision. The vision and values were then displayed across office sites and on employee desktops, to reinforce them every day and brighten up the workspace. We rebranded the internal news bulletin and refreshed the content to make it snappy, fun and light.

screen saver

What were the results?

Readership of the internal news bulletin increased to 40 percent. Staff survey results showed that people recalled and identified with the vision and values, and felt that colleagues and managers were working to the values. Good feedback was received from staff across all departments, and requests for more installations of the visual displays were received.


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