Raising a town centre’s profile

Using a big sporting event was a great way to showcase what Barnsley town centre attracted thousands of people to visit. Take a look at what we did below.

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What was the problem?

Barnsley Town Centre is going through some exciting development work. In a year or two, it will be an amazing place to shop and visit. In the meantime, there’s a lot of construction work and people are assuming they can’t visit. We needed an excuse to get people into the town centre and to show them what we had to offer.

What did we do?

We jumped on the Tour de Yorkshire visiting the town. This was a huge race with some big names taking part, and a great excuse for a day out. We started promoting the race several weeks in advance, using social media, a dedicated web page, digital newsletters, vinyl wraps on hoardings and town centre buildings, and a high-end magazine showcasing what was on offer to town centre visitors.

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Take a look at the full magazine.

What was the result?

Social media engagement began at the start of the year and steadily increased, with a huge peak in the fortnight before the race. In the week before the race, over five thousand new people had visited the website. The magazine helped to increase trust and build relationships with town centre retailers. Race day attendance results to follow!

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