Marketing: science or art?

Louis Theroux, on Stage at this year’s marketing festival, described marketing as an unacknowledged art. Theroux says it’s a balance of seduction and sales, which it certainly is, but it’s also so much more. Whether marketing is an art or a science is a great question to explore.

If you look at the meticulous detail involved in online advertising split testing – the painstaking process of altering every variable to test which advert is most effective – you’ll agree that this is technological science at its best. If you study algorithms and their complexity across search engines and social media, you’ll know that understanding and keeping on top of the methods to get you racing to the top of search engines and news feeds is also a science.

Some marketers relish in this world of meticulous attention to detail, others struggle with the time it takes, not only to deliver the work, but to see the results. It takes a dedicated professional to deliver this type of marketing activity.

Then there’s the content creation. Writing the words that will sell the products; enticing consumers to fall in love with an idea; creating a need that translates into income. That’s the creative side which is undoubtedly an art. Each sentence is carefully crafted and images are constructed to stir emotion and encourage action. Look at the writing below to see, in our world of video and memes, compelling writing can be.

Words are special, and writing is art. Many marketing professionals followed creative paths, excelling at art, design and language.

That’s why marketing has different disciplines, and why it’s helpful to use specialists in each area. An experienced marketer will a develop strategy and detailed plans, and can advise across all areas of traditional and digital marketing, then dedicated specialists will dive into the details and the processes and put their love of science or art into creating a campaign that get excellent results.

With the rise of digital marketing, many organisations find it difficult to recruit marketers who can cover both the science and the art of marketing, so don’t achieve the results they need. More and more businesses are outsourcing freelance support to help them achieve better search engine rankings, a better social presence and a bigger return on investment.

If your business needs a helping hand to support your marketing activity, here are some things I can help you with.

Get in touch at office@rachelking.co.uk

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