How not to bath a baby

Have you seen the Facebook post showing a shiny new parent lovingly lathering their baby’s head in shampoo as the child coos with pleasure? It’s here in case you’ve missed it. I’m not sure where they got that baby but my cheeky chappy didn’t get that happy bathtime memo.

Our bathtime tonight inspired me to jot down a few dos and don’ts to remind me how things could be blissfully different next time. Here goes:

1. Don’t look away when the bath water is running, as baby may toddle off, lift the toilet lid and put his hands down the loo

2. Do get a cupboard lock for the towel and toiletries cupboard, because you can keep putting them back but he’ll just keep pulling them out again

3. Do be ready to lift baby immediately into the bath once the nappy is removed, or you may find yourself having to clean poo from the bathroom floor

4. Do chop those grapes into smaller pieces as he’s clearly not chewing them

5. Don’t look away to clean the floor or you might look back to find a second poo – in the bath this time

6. Do empty the bath immediately – don’t risk him trying to eat those grapes again

7. Do have a proper warm up before you start the wrestle to get his clean nappy and PJs on

8. Don’t be fooled by the fact he’s already had two poos. He’s definitely likely to do another one just after he falls asleep

9. Do take several deep breaths before tackling the other two kids who’ve been left alone for far too long and are screaming at each other

I’ll see if I can post a video tomorrow of me lathering him in shampoo. It might be slightly different to the one you’very even already.

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