Vegan and veggie

Vegan for real people

After lots of people asking me what it’s like to be mostly vegan at home, here’s what this week looks like for us. It’s actually pretty normal I think. We’re real Yorkshire people, working full time with three kids. We call our evening meal tea. So this isn’t something you’ll find in a posh recipe book that wants to sell you something. This is normal food, bought at Asda and cooked in minimum time with a baby on one hip.


  • Cereal and soya milk – porridge oats, bran flakes, all bran or granola. Asda’s basic soya tastes good and is 59p a carton.
  • Fruit and soya yoghurt
  • Toast and dairy free spread (Vitalite, Flora Freedom etc)


  • Sandwiches (vegan cheese, humous and chutney, veg pate, peanut butter and jam)
  • Soups from leftover veg with stock and herbs
  • Toast with avocado and chilli flakes
  • Beans on toast
  • Leftovers from recent teas


  • Pasta with homemade tomato sauce or vegan pesto and whatever veg is in
  • Louisiana red bean rice (Slimming World recipe)
  • Sweet potato or bean burger with salad, guacomole and potato wedges
  • Chilli made with lentils and mixed beans with rice or jackets
  • Chickpea and potato curry with rice
  • Cous cous or bulgur wheat with veggies fried in balsamic vinegar
  • Stir fry with tofu and rice (lots of tamari/soy and Miso paste for big flavour)
  • Falafel, humous, salad, pittas, sweet potato wedges
  • Homemade pizza (without cheese or with vegan cheese)

Backup instant teas for hangover days or when time is extra-tight:

  • Jacket potatoes and beans
  • Quorn Sausages and mash
  • Vegetable fingers and chips


That’s it. If you want to find more recipes and info, some good sources are Deliciously Ella, Forks Over Knives and The China Study.

1 thought on “Vegan for real people”

  1. Linda McCartney sausages are definitely vegan. Not sure about Quorn sausages.

    Have you tried Swedish Glace vegan ice cream? And Tesco do their own vegan “cornettos” and “magnums”.

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