How to get a great job in communications

So often people worry about applying for jobs and going for interviews. Some people, especially in public sector jobs right now, lack confidence to move on or strive for more.

Why stick in a job you’re not happy in, or push on in a role that’s the wrong career path or selling something your heart’s not in?

A person very close to me has a mantra that we both live by – ‘If you’re not happy, change it’.

So how do you make sure you get that interview, and turn that interview into a job offer?

Today I’ll talk about applications, which should be easy. If you understand the job description and apply this to your form, you can’t go wrong. Cover what the JD is asking for, point by point. Imagine that the people shortlisting are really busy and have 45 minutes to sift 90 applications. That gives your form 30 seconds to stand out.

You can only make the cut if you make your application easy to skim quickly. The trick is helping the shortlister to pick out the key words they’re looking for, the skills and experience they’ve said they need in their new recruit. Give examples every time you say you can do something.

It’s surprising how many people don’t do this, how many write bulky paragraphs filled with long words, in an order not related to the JD with no formatting whatsoever.

It’s also astounding how many typos make it through to the final edit. How can anyone apply for a communications job and not proof read their application? Read it, read it again, read it backwards, then get someone else to take a look. Someone who’ll be honest with you about your style and tone and pick out even the tiniest mistakes.

So, in summary, top five tips to help you get that interview are:
– Imagine your form only gets 30 seconds
– Cover what the JD asks for, point by point
– Use examples
– Keep paragraphs short and use formatting
– Proof read, and get someone else to take a second look

If you’re a communications or marketing person, this should be natural to you, but lots of people think that the normal rules go out of the window when filling in a job application.

Apply all of the above, and you’ll make it closer to the top of the pile. Good luck!

Barnsley Council is advertising some great communications and marketing jobs this month: https://barnsley.engageats.co.uk/Vacancies.aspx

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