Ways to inspire your team

Your team’s been through the mill this year. They’re flagging, they need some motivation and inspiration. But you’re flagging too, and you’re not sure how you can muster up the energy to lead your gang positively through the final quarter. We all know that feeling, and it would be easy to let things linger until Christmas, with a resolve to put in the effort from January. But some small steps now will help you get your team on track and raring to go, so you can all start the new year with fresh  dedication and drive. Here are some ideas:

Weekly creative hub meetings

Book these in for Monday mornings
when you’ve got the best chance of firing people up for the week ahead. As well as talking business, give your team a weekly challenge and offer a prize for the:
– most inspiring design
– best story
– best industry insight
– best worst piece of work

Birthday collections

Make everyone feel special by having a birthday system, so everybody pitches in for a team birthday card and present. No hassle plus bigger presents means everyone’s happy.

Training and development

This one’s so obvious yet so overlooked in public sector. We expect to recruit and retain great people, then we don’t give them time or budgets to develop themselves. Learning leads to self worth, confidence and happiness, as well as building a better team for you.

Nobody wants to be stuck in a rut, so let’s get our teams out of theirs. Just 5% of time spent on development is all it takes. That’s 2 hours a week or 1 day every month. Make sure you all book the time, including you, in and plan how to spend it.

Book team skill sharing sessions and create a library for professional books and magazines you can all share.

Make team members’ training and development in line with their aspirations. Do they want to be leaders, analyse data, be social media whizzes? Help them to nurture whatever floats their boats.

Pushing boundaries and comfort zones

Encourage people to get out and about, to meet customers, to generate stories of real lives, real success, real advocates of your organisation. Make them take breaks to interact and be creative together. Help them to see how much more productive we can be if we focus on finding solutions rather than problems.

You might not be able to fit all of these things in before the Christmas, but tell your team about your plans. Get them inspired, ask them if they’re up for the challenge, and remind them what a great team you are. Keep it up in the new year and you’ll be aiming for awards in 2015.

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