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Is story telling easy?

Stories – one of the many latest buzz words in marketing. It’s an ancient art that’s been done well for centuries and has shaped human evolution, but according to Marketing Week, TED, and more, we need to learn new ways to do it.

You could say my training in story telling is down to my marketing background, or years in PR. Or you could credit it to the ‘365 bedtime stories’ a family friend bought me when I was eight. She read me seven stories every week for a year, bless her, and I’ll never forget her taking that time to be with me.

My love of story telling doesn’t come from the big brands, it comes from Enid Blyton, Roald Dahl and George Orwell. It comes from my literacy teacher forcing us unruly teens to understand ‘Of Mice And Men’, and my college tutor telling me I had a real knack for the English language. It was that exact moment when I knew my career would involve some sort of story telling.

Now that all the execs are buzzing about stories, it’s a real chance for us to move away from the spin, go back to the art and make what we do into something that can inspire people. It’s time we stopped selling, calmed our brazen promoting, and started telling the real, heart warming stories of life.

1 thought on “Is story telling easy?”

  1. So much love for this post. I think this is even more pertinent now. People are desperate for real, honest, heartwarming stories in the depressing sea of fake news and photoshopping. Being able to communicate like you do is a real talent.

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