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I’m all about that brief, about that brief

What happens when people, especially senior people, want something designing, filming or writing? Usually, they just ask someone to get on with it. They have in their mind what they’re looking for, but they’re too busy to articulate it. So they assume that their teams know them well enough to ‘just know’ what they want. To read their mind.

What happens next is a designer, or video producer or writer goes to great pains to produce what has been asked of them, using the creative freedom they’ve been given to make something very special, something they’re very proud of.

“I’m not keen on that colour. I don’t like blue. It’s not the same colour as our logo.” Is the feedback.

Creator thinks: If you didn’t like blue, why didn’t you say you didn’t want blue before I started?

Creator says: “OK, you don’t like blue. Let’s try a different colour. What colour do you like?”

The reply is then “Oh, I’m not too fussy, just try whatever you think will work with that image.”

Creator thinks: Blue works really well with that image.

Creator says: We’ll try a few options for you to choose from.”

Once the tip of the iceberg is cracked, and the colour is right, there’s just the image, the font, the message, the style, the tone, the music, the voice to sort, and you have a final product.

Unless it has to get sign off from the big boss, who likes it, but would prefer it in blue.

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