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Communicating military style

According to the US army, the best way to keep Americans informed is through the “actions and words of individual soldiers”. It thinks that media experts should be part of tactical army units.

Smaller units, flexible chains of command, and communications at the heart of all structure and strategy – that’s how UK defence leaders are being advised. Stop keeping military operations and communications as separate entities, start integrating communications in your every defence strategy.

This is the thinking that should have already been applied to all public sector, but in many instances, it hasn’t quite been grabbed with both hands. The giant size of many public bodies, combined with layers upon layers of management make for a communications function that’s inflexible and bursting at the seams.

If we can harness the concept that communication is through each and every individual, through meaningful human interactions, through day to day consistency of messages given by our colleagues, partners and customers, we can start to change our relationships and create truly meaningful communities.

Source: PR Week, May 2014, p40.

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