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Quick reminder on pre-election publicity rules

As we find our way through the pre-election publicity rules, we come up against publicity issues every day that we need to respond to.

With two weeks to go until elections, demands might be increasing on your communications team, so here’s a quick reminder of the facts.

The LGiU have made the purdah rules simpler with some quick pointers. So how do these apply to local government communications?

1. Don’t publish anything that can be seen to alter support for a political party.

2. Don’t link publicity to local elected members, and stay away from controversial content.

3. Councillors can speak to the media on their own behalf.

4. Correcting and rebutting is allowed.

5. No photos, videos, articles or quotes connected to members can be published by councils.

6. Council-hosted blogs and social pages authored by Councillors should be suspended.

7. Councils should Not hold events with Members as speakers.

The pre-election period starts 6 weeks before an election, and applies until the election takes place. You can seek legal advice if needed.

More from the LGiU.

More about the publicity code.

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